SANTA Investment Company

Welcome to Santa

Santa, an investing company specializing in nanotechnology industries, was established in 2019 to invest in and commercialize nanotechnology products. Santa is prepared to invest in products that utilize nanotechnology or enhance efficiency by collaborating with different entities such as technologists, business owners, accelerators, and venture capital investment institutions. Furthermore, considering Sanata's special access to specific domestic and international markets, investment to develop the domestic market and export nano products is among the other activities of this group.

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Main Objectives

Nanotech Entrepreneurship

Increasing entrepreneurship in projects, with a focus on nanotechnology development in specific industries

Multifaceted Nanotech

Development of nanotechnology in the fields of energy, health, water, environment, and Nano coatings

Nano Market Growth

Increasing market share and promoting the use of Nano products

Organizational Excellence

Improving competence, enhancing efficiency, organizational excellence, and accountability

Nano Export Growth

Expanding activities and increasing exports of Nano products to create high added-value


Our Team

Team Member 1

Majid Manavi

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Team Member 2

Ali Kashiha

Business Development Manager

Team Member 3

Amir Malekinejad

Investment Manager

Team Member 4

Masoud Panahi

Financial and Administrative Manager